Time Management Fundamentals

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Time Management Fundamentals

Hi! I am Oudney N. Patsika, the founder and Head Creative Brand Architect for Oudney's Studios and this blog series is going to touch on Time Management Fundamentals. In ths series, I'll lay the groundwork to help you manage your time effectively and become more productive.

Time Management Fundamentals
I'll start by explaining the three principles of productivity: space, mind, and time. I'll then walk you through the process of identifying and managing each of these principles in your life. Then I'll demonstrate how to set up an email system so your inbox can automatically apply these time management principles. And finally, I'll show you how to establish clear boundaries between personal time and work time.

We'll be covering all these concepts, plus plenty of other tools and techniques, to budget your time wisely over the course of Time Management Fundamentals. Written with the help of Dave Crenshaw

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