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Oudney's Studios - Consulting Services

Oudney's Studios has helped businesses drive their marketing efforts forward by creating the optimal marketing mix to best sell their products and services. If your expertise is not in marketing, you may need an outside perspective to help you focus on the areas that will make your company stand out from the competition.

Oudney's Studiosoffers the following consulting services:

Marketing Plans
Companies operating with no marketing plan or an outdated one are losing money. Marketing plans are essential to growing a business, so it’s imperative that your marketing plan is current with today’s marketing trends and technology, is clear and easily understood, and is actually implemented and used. Oudney's Studios will assess your current plan and offer an objective opinion about what’s working and what is not, and provide you with recommendations and fresh ideas to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Social Media
Social media has become a powerful business tool, and knowing which forms to engage in and how best to use them are extremely important. You may be comfortable using social media in your business, but do you know if it is effectively enhancing your brand or selling more of your product? If you’re not using social media, maybe you’re wondering if you should. Oudney's Studios can analyze your current situation to determine your social media needs and to provide suggestions on how to improve your social media presence.

Business Incubation
If you are a fairly new or start-up business, marketing your product or services may be foreign to you. Oudney's Studios has helped many clients successfully launch and grow their businesses and lessen costly mistakes that they might have made otherwise. Many businesses fail early on, so consulting with a knowledgeable, professional marketing firm can only improve your chances of success. 

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