• Strategy & Brand Messaging

    Before you can effectively tell your brand’s story, you need to know it yourself.

    If you don’t know who you are, how can you tell anyone else? Oudney's Studios has a defined process to pull out and document your key messages and align them to your audiences. Once we define those we work to develop a comprehensive public relations strategy that gets those key messages heard in all the right places.

    Whether you’re building your corporate image, launching a new product, refreshing an existing product or appealing to a new target audience, we make sure everyone at your company is on the same page. And when it comes to executing the PR plan, you’ll see the same messaging infused into everything we do.

    During the PR kickoff process with Oudney's Studios, we’ll dive into your company’s business goals, history, products, culture, industry and competition to identify what sets you apart in the market. We’ll also dig for story ideas we can immediately take to the media to get you quick traction and visibility.

    As a result, you’ll get a deep dive into the messaging and key differentiators for your brand, as well as a long-term public relations strategy, within weeks of launching your program. With these roadmaps in hand, we position you as an authority with a compelling story and clear, consistent message that only become stronger over time.

    Here’s a look at some of the services we provide:

    • Branding framework articulating key messages.
    • Long-term PR strategy covering product and news announcements; thought leadership; breaking news commentary; speaking opportunities and awards; and special projects such as surveys and data-driven studies.
    • Competitive analysis looking at the PR strategy, tactics and results in your industry.
    • Media training for executives and other thought leaders.
    • Talking points and coaching for media interviews.
    When it comes to brand management, we communicate even the most complex B2B and tech concepts in simple and relevant terms. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can discover and develop your brand’s story.


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