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Oudney's Studios Is A Digital Marketing Agency That Specializes In Amazing Web Design And Expert Inbound Marketing Strategies - Oudney's Studios ... Get A Quote

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Oudney's Studios Is A Digital Marketing Agency That Specializes In Amazing Web Design And Expert Inbound Marketing Strategies - Oudney's Studios ... Get A Quote


Oudney's Studios Is A Digital Marketing Agency That Specializes In Amazing Web Design And Expert Inbound Marketing Strategies - Oudney's Studios ... Get A Quote


Oudney's Studios Is A Digital Marketing Agency That Specializes In Amazing Web Design And Expert Inbound Marketing Strategies - Oudney's Studios ... Get A Quote

Web Design

Oudney's Studios Is A Digital Marketing Agency That Specializes In Amazing Web Design And Expert Inbound Marketing Strategies - Oudney's Studios ... Get A Quote

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Oudney's Studios Is A Digital Marketing Agency That Specializes In Amazing Web Design And Expert Inbound Marketing Strategies - Oudney's Studios ... Get A Quote

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  • Great Pictures As Tania Tatenda Aaron - Strike A Pose with Blaq Studios

    Free Model Photography Tip: In the beginning, the only photos you need to present to modeling agents and scouts are some basic snapshots. 

    They are looking for a nice face shot (smiling and not smiling), left and right profiles of your face and body, a full length shot and a back shot.

    Wear form-fitting clothing like skinny jeans or leggings and a simple tank top or t-shirt. If you are comfortable wearing a swimsuit, then include a few swimsuit shots as well, either a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit is fine.

    Male models need to show the agents their fitness level, so it is recommended that male models wear swim trunks or boxer shorts, or wear jeans without a shirt in at least one of their photos.
    Great Pictures As Tania Tatenda Aaron - Strike A Pose with Blaq Studios
    Great Pictures As Tania Tatenda Aaron - Strike A Pose with Blaq Studios

    Great Pictures As Tania Tatenda Aaron - Strike A Pose with Blaq Studios

  • Check The Seven Important Steps to Becoming a Successful Model

    1. KNOW YOUR MARKET: One of the most important steps to becoming a model is knowing your market. What does this mean? 

    Well, for starters, depending on the area you live in, certain trends and looks are more popular than others. For instance, runway modelling and fashion show modelling are not as widespread as commercial modelling for print occasions like magazines, newspapers and store sales papers. Also knowing your market will help you know what look the agencies around you are looking for.

    Living in a suburban area, agencies aren’t looking for that sleek, ultra-sexy look with overstated hair or makeup like bigger cities are. In fact, the more natural look is actually preferred in suburban areas, while more trendy, sleek looks are wanted in the city. 

    If your look doesn’t fit your market, move to an area that does, or consider travelling back and forth to an area that does. Also know whether you’re auditioning for a market that advertises petite sizes, plus sizes, certain clothing trends, or for a targeted market like a natural living, city trends, cosmetic companies, etc. Research, research, research!

    2. FIND A GOOD AGENCY: The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a good agency to
    work with. Agencies should not ask for money up front or be sketchy in terms of signing anyone possible, which could mean that they run off with the models' earnings later. Get online and search The Better Business Bureau’s website to find a modelling agency you can trust. 
    A good agency should understand your personal needs as a model, lift you up, and never take money from you. They should also never ask you to put yourself in a dangerous or compromising situation.

    3. BE AWARE: One of my top tips for becoming a model is to be aware of what you’ll face. Know that girls can be cut-throat, the wrong agencies may ask you to sacrifice your morals, integrity or beliefs just to obtain certain photos, and know that it can be a very tiring job. Also, be aware that the idea of modelling is not to give you fame, but instead to create a certain wanted look by photographers and companies. You may be asked to cut or colour your hair, wear an outfit you don’t like, or spend endless hours travelling to the right photo shoot location just for one shot. You may also be on set for anywhere from 8-12 hours or even more. Know ahead of time that the point of using a model is to create the right photo. Many photographers, agencies and product campaigns put the photo goal ahead of the model’s needs.

    4. KEEP YOUR VALUES: Many girls who don’t intend on compromising their values end up doing so if they don’t know ahead of time just what their values are. Don't ever sacrifice yourself to be a model. The modelling world can be laced with drugs, alcohol, sex-trades, rape, greed and more if you get in with the wrong crowd, which is easy to do when you're looking for a quick route to fame and fortune. Never do anything it takes to get to the top. You’ll regret it later. Outside of local modelling gigs, most outlets for modelling lead to sketchy, compromising situations. Know your values and stick to your guns! On the other hand, the right agencies will honour your values and can lead you to a great career.

    5. GET SOME PRACTICE: Don’t expect to walk into a modelling agency, do a few twirls and expect them to sign you. Anywhere from 10-20 people a day walked through the doors unexpectedly asking to meet with the owners of the agency. Agencies are extremely busy and usually have girls fill out paperwork and submit photos for review. They almost never see girls by just walking in. Know this ahead of time and get some practice behind your belt. If you do get called in for a meet and greet, you need to keep your look casual, yet also have a confident walk and not look fake. Practice, practice, practice!

    6. GET A GOOD HEADSHOT: When it comes to the modelling industry, you won’t get anywhere without a good headshot to get you started. Have someone you know or a photographer take a natural headshot of you. No photo-touching, hardly any makeup, and simple hair should be the top three key points of your photo. I’m serious, girls! Modelling agencies hate Photoshopped pictures, makeup, fancy hairstyles, or overdone looks. They want to see you in the raw to see if you could be transformed into a variety of looks. Remember, you're pretty just as you are, so let those agencies see you for you! Most importantly, no Glamour Shot photos!

    7. KNOW THE ODDS: The modelling industry is one of the hardest careers to achieve and maintain. Most models who haven’t been modelling up to age 22 are almost guaranteed they won’t make it in the runway industry unless they seek out commercial modelling options, which I’m actually more fond of anyway. You don’t need to be a certain size to model, nor do you need to look a certain way. You just need to know what the odds are in the market you’re in. If you don’t look like a runway model, that’s fine! Know the odds of what you face in terms of the area you live, what your look has to offer, and how hard each specific outlet for modelling is, such as commercial or runway.

    The most important thing you can do to become a model is to be yourself! Never change who you are on the inside or outside to make someone else happy. Modelling can be a great way to gain self-confidence and can help you make money on the side of a regular day job. 

    Never sacrifice yourself, your values or your self-esteem to do so! 

    These steps will lead you to be a successful and happy model. 
    Have you ever modelled or wanted to?
  • Makeup Artist Photography with Blaq Studios

    Professional Makeup Artist specializes in Bridal Makeup Artistry for Weddings, Elopements and Intimate ceremonies as well as Classic Eyelash Extensions.

    They focus on enhancing each of their clients’ natural features and provide professional, high-quality work that celebrates each individual client.

    We had the privilege of capturing this makeup artist!

    BlaQ Studios (Photography)
    Phone: +263 77 325 0933
    Email: blaqstudios@gmail.com
    Makeup Artist Photography with Blaq Studios

    Makeup Artist Photography with Blaq Studios

    Makeup Artist Photography with Blaq Studios

    Makeup Artist Photography with Blaq Studios

    Makeup Artist Photography with Blaq Studios
  • Breaking Down Online Evangelism with Oudney Patsika (Part 2)

    Why is Online Evangelism Important? In part 1 of the series, we covered the basics of online evangelism – what it is and some common key terms.

    Now, we’re reviewing three main reasons why this branch of evangelism is critical, especially in the digital era.

    Reason 1: We Need to Change the Online Story: You can probably think of someone who researches Pentecostals online, only to conclude that we are a “cult” and follow the teachings of a “false prophet” more than the teaching of the Bible.

    Why do so many people believe this? Because of negative content widely available on the internet.

    60% of visitors stop attending evangelistic series because they, or someone they know, came across websites or videos that painted pentecostalism in a different light.

    Online evangelism helps ensure that when people search for us online, they find credible websites about our church, beliefs, educational institutions, hospitals, and ministries.
    Breaking Down Online Evangelism with Oudney Patsika (Part 2)
    Reason 2: We Need to Save More Souls: So many people are living and dying without hope in Jesus.

    Think of your relatives, friends, neighbours, co-workers, or classmates; have they all heard the Gospel? What about the people at your local grocery store or bank; are they saved? There are many of them who have yet to have their sins forgiven by Christ.

    At the Second Coming, only those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior will be saved.

    Homeowners are no longer opening their doors to canvassers as they used to and handbill invitations to attend church seem to go unnoticed. However, a video on YouTube or a blog post might be the key to pointing a friend or relative to Jesus. Online evangelism increases the likelihood of them coming across an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus, thereby more people can be saved.

    Reason 3: We Need to be Relevant: While the Gospel message never changes, how we deliver that message will change.

    Today, no one would advocate travelling on horseback from state to state to preach the Gospel. This method was most effective during an era where a messenger travelled as fast as the fastest horse. Today, cars, trains, and planes have provided more effective ways to travel.

    If we wish to remain relevant and effective in carrying out the Great Commission, we must learn how to use the platforms that will get us in touch with the masses.

    Today’s evangelistic efforts must be appropriate to the current time, period, and circumstances.
    Why are We So Far Behind? Aesop’s fable about the tortoise and hare gives an idea of why we are lagging behind when it comes to using the most revolutionary methods to share the Gospel. It seems we, as a church, became very comfortable with the progress we were making and mistakenly assumed that we could slow down. But in resting, we became lukewarm, not only in our own spiritual growth but in our efforts to win souls.

    Also, we hesitated to accept emerging technology and failed to see how these new digital means of communication could be used for a higher, nobler purpose.

    We are far behind in online evangelism because we are constantly shifting the mission responsibility to someone else instead of recognizing our own personal role to help finish the work. We’re playing Holy Volleyball; instead of dropping the ball, we’re getting worked up tossing it on the other side. Members toss the ball to leaders, leaders toss it to workers, workers toss it back to members, and so it continues.

    But all hope is not lost.

    The Clarion Call: Now, there is a clarion call to every member, worker, and leader to either be directly involved in online evangelism or to support digital missionaries. We must stay up to date with the times so that we can utilize all avenues possible to preach the Gospel and Three Angels Message to the ends of the world. We can no longer afford to remain on the sidelines of evangelism.

    Source - www.centerforonlineevangelism.org
  • Breaking Down Online Evangelism with Oudney Patsika (Part 1)

    We are one day closer to the return of Jesus Christ! Now as awe-inspiring as that is, it also evokes a lot of thought about how many people have yet to know Him personally.

    Online evangelism is one method that is proving to be very effective in pointing more people to the Savior. This series of articles will explore what online evangelism is, why it’s important and how you can get involved.

    What is Online Evangelism? Online evangelism is the systematic and intentional use of internet platforms to spread the Gospel to the online population. The goal is to introduce people to Christ and then connect them to a church family.

    You may see the terms digital evangelism and online evangelism being used interchangeably. Both cover various evangelism strategies that require the use of the internet, cell phones, laptops, video cameras, and other modern technologies.
    Breaking Down Online Evangelism with Oudney Patsika (Part 1)
    Traditional Methods Not to be Replaced: It is important to note, digital evangelism should be incorporated with traditional forms of evangelism – it does not replace traditional methods such as canvassing, tent meetings, or distribution of tracts. Gospel workers should survey their field and use the methods that would be most effective.
    Is Digital Discipleship Different?: Another term you may come across is digital discipleship. It is “a movement to make disciples and inspire people to grow in discipleship.” Rachel Lemons-Aitkens explains three categories of digital disciples; 
    1. Content creators, 
    2. Content distributors, and 
    3. Content engagers.

    So whether you say online evangelism, digital evangelism, or digital discipleship, all of the terms involves working with people online (directly or indirectly) to propel them toward a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and bring them into a community of faith. 

    Key Terms in Online Evangelism:
    Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing incorporates strategies such as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), online ads, social media strategies, and other online methods to help churches and ministries rank higher in search results. That way, thousands more are blessed.

    It is imperative to understand that online mission work must incorporate some form of digital marketing. For example, you may have an online Bible study group (your mission work) but you can get more people to join the study by running Facebook ads, creating social media graphics, or optimizing your website.

    Content Marketing: Content marketing refers to the production and distribution of online material that elicits interest in church or ministry services, rather than direct publicizing and promotion. Materials can be blogs, videos, podcasts, or graphics.

    Search Engine Optimization: Proper SEO goes a long way to ensure that websites showcasing our churches and other institutions are found by online seekers. 

    Source - www.centerforonlineevangelism.org
  • It Is A Matter Of Attitude - Why Your Website Is An Asset For You and Online Followers!

    Your website is an asset.
    A personal and a business asset.

    It is the single online property you can own and control. Your most potent piece of real estate when it comes to your online personal brand or business presence.

    It is your home, base-camp, hub, anchor. It is where you can create the most direct online chain to supplying viewers or online followers with what they need. The one self-owned container you have got.

    The only one that offers you the complete package; an indisputable golden opportunity to communicate and demonstrate your brand identity to yourself, your visitors, customers, potential employees, followers, prospects and leads. And to serve!

    Your website is an asset! Yes is it!

    Considering this, it should be easy to see that your website is a business asset that deserves and requires the same import and respect than any other of your business assets demand. Much the same way you would care for a brick and mortar location you occupy for your business or other (fixed and current) tangible (hard) assets such as property or land that you own or certain financial assets, equipment, inventory etc.

    See Your Website For What It Is - an asset!

    The website development and design process is not one that will merely tie you to an abstracted online translation of who you are, encasing your name, services, mission and other content into a viewable, clickable static container. Or even merely a marketing tool, interactive or not.

    For many individuals, businesses and organizations, it is an absence of Asset-Regard that imposes the risk of an unfortunate lack of direction and intent for customer use. Think about it. Having a laissez-faire attitude about your website, means you are not valuing it to the breadth and depth of its potential. And that means you are not only possibly selling yourself short but your online followers as well.
    It Is A Matter Of Attitude - Why Your Website Is An Asset For You and Online Followers!
    What are you really giving them, then online?

    If your site is an asset for your personal brand and business, then it is an asset for your followers as well.

    Listen, there is not much that’s more important than that!

    In accounting terms, a small business website asset would be defined as an intangible asset (non-physical in the sense that it cannot be touched):
    “…an asset is an economic resource. Anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value and that is held to have positive economic value is considered an asset.

    …Intangible assets are nonphysical resources and rights that have a value to the firm because they give the firm some kind of advantage in the market place.”

    “Intangible assets are considered the goods of immaterial nature:

    - The science of knowing what to do.
    - Our relations with our followers or clients.
    - Our operative processes.
    - The technology of information and databases.
    - Capacities, abilities and innovations of the employers.

    …The intangible assets are the most important sources of the organization that grant competitive advantages to other companies. The organization that has an excellent operative process, knows their segment in the market and possess the knowledge to develop a unique product, and has the ability to motivate their employees, will have a guaranteed success.”

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