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3 Key Tips for Starting a Business Blog

Excited yet? You should be--blogging's not just a winning strategy, it's also a lot of fun! 

The beauty of blogging is that you can easily incorporate it into your daily schedule of tasks. You can even blog when you're on the road.
3 Key Tips for Starting a Business Blog
But what does it take to become a really successful blogger?
  1. Great content: If your content isn't interesting and relevant to your target market, your blog won't work. It's as simple as that. You'll be surprised, however, how easy it is to find things to write about if you really put your mind to it. It could be news articles about your industry, product updates, interviews, personal insights into topics of importance to your target audience, and much more.
  2. Regular updating: I won't lie to you: there are some days when I really find it hard to find the time to post a new article. But if I don't post, no one will come back. It's like subscribing to a daily newspaper but only getting a copy delivered now and then! So post often and your audience will keep coming back. And regularly adding fresh content to your blog also gives you a boost in the search engine rankings.
  3. Your own distinct voice: It's important that you write in your own voice. A blog is no place for formality and corporate speak. It's more of a forum, a place where ideas can flourish and topics of current interest can be debated. You don't even need to be a brilliant writer; you just need to be able to relate to your audience and give them good content.
Final Thoughts: Starting a blog can take as little as five minutes. Of course, starting a blog is the easy part; turning your blog into a strategic tool that drives traffic and sales to your online business is a completely different matter.

Building a truly effective blog that keeps people coming back again and again takes a lot more than five minutes; it takes time and dedication to develop a blog that keeps your audience coming back for more.

How to Harness the Marketing Power of Blogs

A "blog" (derived from the term "web log") is basically just a website with two key differences: First, it's extremely easy to add information to it. A blog is like an online journal, so you just log in, type what happened today, post it, and you're done! Second, you can add a simple little feature that automatically tells a whole bunch of other websites that you've made an update to your blog--every time you make a change.

However, what you may not know is that a blog can also be a very powerful marketing tool for your business, and some people actually earn an income just from blogging alone.

The fact is, blogging is fast becoming an extremely important strategy for any online marketer. An effective blog can:
  • drive swarms of traffic to your main website,
  • generate more product sales,
  • create an additional stream of advertising income,
  • be a great customer service tool,
  • and much more!
Blogs have an informal, conversational style, and readers can join in by commenting on each post. Blogs can be chatty, informative, opinionated and often humorous, and it's this "human" aspect of blogs that draws many people to them.
How to Harness the Marketing Power of Blogs
But the best part about blogs is how accessible they are to everyone. Blogs are free (or very inexpensive) to set up using services like Blogger or TypePad . They're also easy to use (you can literally create your own blog in less than five minutes) and easy to promote with all the new tools and resources that have been created specifically for blogs.

How You Can Use a Blog to Accelerate Online Success
The fact is, blogs are no longer just online diaries of people's personal lives. Both online and offline businesses can use blogs to take their products and services to a wider audience, increasing their traffic, leads and sales.

Let's look more closely at a few of the extremely powerful ways your business can benefit from a blog. With an effective business blog, you can:
  • Humanize your business. Because a blog is much more informal than other websites, you can write posts in your own voice and give your business more of a human face. This helps reassure prospective customers that there's a "real person" behind the website who'll take care of their needs. It also allows you to inject much more of your own personality into your online business than your main sales site could do.
  • Improve your customer service. Your blog can act as a kind of interactive FAQ, allowing your customers to submit questions and you to answer them. You can also provide product updates, how-to articles, and other information of relevance to your customers. Prospective customers who see your blog will be encouraged by your commitment to good customer service.
  • Give your target market the information they're looking for. With its automatic archiving feature--by date and category--a blog is a fantastic content-management system. It's easy for you to post new information on a regular basis, and it's easy for your visitors to find the information they want. With a well-written, regularly updated blog, you can become a reliable resource in your industry and build a following of loyal readers who depend on your content. These people will be your best potential customers.
  • Drive traffic to your sales website. If you already have a website, a blog can give your traffic levels a real boost. For starters, your blog will attract new visitors that you can then redirect to your main sales website through links and special offers. But an even more effective technique is to use strategic keywords and links to specific sales pages to dramatically improve the search engine rankings of both your blog and your main website.
  • Build your credibility and establish yourself as an industry expert. You can give your credibility a real boost by regularly posting valuable and relevant information on your blog. It's a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your subject area, and allow your visitors to feel much more comfortable buying from you.
  • Promote your products or services. You can actually sell products directly from a blog, or you can use your blog to mention new products and direct visitors to your sales website.
  • Generate extra income. There are now several advertising programs available, such as Google AdSense, that allow you to monetize your blog and generate an extra revenue stream.

How To Create A Post On Blogger

Some bloggers don't know how to create a perfect post on blogger. They manage to create a blog but don't understand to create an SEO friendly post. For such bloggers, I am writing the method to create a post on blogger.

To create a new post on blogger, you must follow the following steps.

How To Create A Post On Blogger
Here is the method.
1. Log in to your blogger dashboard.

2. On your blogger dashboard, click on any one of the two buttons of creating new post. One is located at the left side of blogger header with the pic of pencil and the other create new post button is on the top of your blogger dashboard menu.

3. After this, create new post window will appear like this. (Click on the image to enlarge)

4. You can write and edit your post easily with text editor here. Write the title for your post in Post Title field and write the post in text editor box.

5. If you want to place some HTML code in your post, you can easily open the HTML editor by clicking the HTML button which is located at the left side of Text Editing Buttons. But remember to write your HTML code in the "div" tags which are by default present in the post. This tag enables the blogger to view and edit post in both simple text editor and HTML editor. If you remove those tags, then you would only be able to edit your post via HTML editor. (Click On The Image To Enlarge

6. Your posts are saved automatically but you can also save your posts manually by clicking on the "Save" button at the top right side of the window. It would be saved in Drafts until you publish it manually.

7. If you want to view your post on your blog before publishing, then you can preview your post by clicking on "Preview" button located beside "Save" button.

8. It is recommended that you take a look on Post settings w.r.t SEO before publishing your posts. It will help people and search engines better understanding your content.

9. Finally click on the Orange "Publish" button to create and publish your post to world.
Via: www.helpitx.com

Understanding Post Settings Menu In Blogger

Whenever you open blogger post editor to Create A New Post or edit and existing post, you see a "Post Settings" menu on the right side of the Post editor window. These post settings help you in creating a SEO optimized post and manage it as per your requirements. There is a need to understand this menu to use it perfectly. Novice bloggers don't take care of it so they get defeat in SEO race.

I am explaining the Post Settings menu here so you may understand these settings.

1. Labels: The first option in post settings is Labels. These are used to tag a post with specific keywords. These keywords help search engines to reach at your blog when user searches something. These labels are also used to categorize different posts under a single Tag by tagging all of them with the same label. These are also helpful for those who want to add menus in their blog so to represent their blog in a disciplined manner. They tell about the nature of content in your post. To use labels option, click on label button and write different labels which you want to assign for your post. You can write maximum 200 characters including spaces. You have to separate the different labels or tags by use of comma ",".

2. Schedule: This option is to set date and time for your post. There are further two sub-options in this option.
Understanding Post Settings Menu In Blogger
a) Automatic: If you have chosen automatic, which is also by default, your posting date and time will be current time when you publish the post.

b) Custom: You can set date of your own choice with this option. You can either set any past date to show your post at the older pages. If you want to schedule your post at any future date, you can also set time and date for it in future. Your post will be automatically published at that time and date.

3. Links: This option is used to create a URL (Permalink) for your post. Your links help most in explaining the user what type of content your article contains. By default, the blogger setting is set to Automatic permalink where the title of your post becomes the permalink of your post. There is also another option of choosing a custom permalink in which you can create a permalink of your own choice.
Title link and Enclosure links are also two other options but they are not of any use for normal blogger.
Understanding Post Settings Menu In Blogger
4. Location: If you enable this option, then your readers will be able to see from where you have posted your blogger post. Blogger will automatically detect your location and share it with your readers.

5. Search Description: This is the meta description of your post in blogger. A snippet of this description might appear in the search engines below the title and url when your post is indexed in any search engine. Here is an example of search description.

If you don't write any search description for your post, then search engines will show their desired search description for webpage. Previously, bloggers could not write separate description for their posts but now it is possible by this option so you should make full of it and write some unique search description to attract readers. This doesn't effect your SEO index but helps readers to specify your post in search engines. That is why you must have write search description which attracts readers.

6. Options: There are four random sub-options in this option. You can choose to show or hide comments or backlinks in your posts using two of these options. The other two options are not of any specific interest so better don't touch them until necessary. Via: www.helpitx.com

SEO Tips To Get High Index Ranking On Search Engines

Every blogger or website owner wants to see his blog getting higher index ranking on search engines because the higher they get rankings in search engines, the higher they receive revenue. It is obvious that every blogger is blogging to earn money online so it is their ultimate wish to get higher index rankings on search engines. Mostly, the bloggers want to get approved for Adsense which is the basic reason to struggle for being attracted by search engines. This is only possible when the blogger goes for SEO.

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is clear from the term SEO that it is the process of optimizing the blog or website to seen and attracted by search engines. It is not easy to be attracted by search engines because hundred of bloggers are working at same time on same topic. It is just like a competition where everyone is struggling for getting top position. One should need to take care of some small things to get index ranking on search engines.

I am sharing some SEO tips here by following which a blogger can have a higher index ranking on search engines. These are normal things which sometimes bloggers don't follow and so ignored by search engines. Lets start here,
SEO Tips To Get High Index Ranking On Search Engines
1. Title Of Your Web Page: The title of your webpage is most important thing which you must take care of. The title tells search engines the content of your webpage so it must co-responds with the content of your webpage.
Lets take an example, your webpage contains the content about cricket records, so you must choose the title of your webpage which contains the keywords related to cricket records. Like cricket records, records of cricket and so on. Try to avoid long long titles which takes a long time and difficult to understand like for cricket records, you choose a title, cricket records made by cricket players, records made by players in cricket or other weird titles like that. Remember that search engines first read the title of your webpage and after it they accept it if understands that. So try to make your page title more productive.

2. Choose Right Keywords: Keywords play an important role in bringing your webpage at higher place. First you should select the keywords which are frequently searched. For this you can take the help of Google Adwords. You can also get some knowledge about choosing right keywords through searching in search engines. For example, you are writing about VPN services, now search about VPN in any big search engine, now check for keywords.. When you search a popular thing on any search engine, the search engine often gives the list of popular keywords related to that topic in the end of search results. From this you can get some knowledge about choosing right keywords about your post and webpage. The keywords must relates the title of your page and also the content. Keywords density in your post is also an important thing to follow. For a better experience of SEO, you must have a proper keywords density. Avoid those keywords which have no value and are not searched by people. That will reduce your webpage views hence decreasing your rankings in search engines.

3. Meta Description Of Your Webpage: While searching a specific topic on search engines, have you ever noticed the descriptive text below the Titles and Links of your search results, an example of this descriptive text is in the following image..

This is what called Search Description or meta description. This appears under the link of your results on search engines and by reading this description user decides whether to click on that link or not.. This is the description which you write in meta tags when writing in an HTML language. For other platforms, you can find this option as search description like in blogger.

Always keep in mind that you have to write meta or search description for readers, not for the search engines so always write catchy search or meta description which should have the ability to get attention of visitors. This description helps visitors in entering your site so this should be eye catching even if your webpage doesn't contain the excellent content. That will help you in generating more traffic and improving your site's ranking.

People like to choose those URL's to click which include the keywords of their search, like in the example above, you are seeing the URL which contains the keywords of search, SEO tips, so it is likely that you will click that link.. But what if that URL would have been like this.. For example, http://www.seomark.co.uk/page/23120/absthew.html or something like http://www.seomark.co.uk/links1234.ajax etc. These types of URLs will not surely get much popularity and clicks as much as link mentioned in above example. So try to make your links and URLs easy to understand for readers and visitors which will help you in generating more and more traffic to your website through search engines.

On blogger you can use the Links option on the right side of the Post editor to change the structure of URL of their webpage if they want to select URL of their webpages manually. By default, their webpage gets the same URL as of the post title when they submit their post.

The website owners who are using other platforms can choose their own options for choosing the right URL for their links.

Link selection is another small thing which one must take care because this small thing can revolutionize your whole SEO experience.

5. Must Avoid Annoying Factors On Your Webpages: Making the website simple and faster is another thing which some bloggers and website owners don't care about hence resulting in decrease of SEO rankings. The site will be liked by readers which they find easier to navigate and free from a huge mass of pop ups, annoying ads and combos which slows down the browsing, massive flash animations which also slow down the computer, bundle of popping ads which are disliked by users and other annoying factors. You should avoid these things and make your website as much simple as you can.. It doesn't mean that you stop only on black and white templates, you can choose from many color templates as well but that should not slow down your site.

6. Your Site Must Be Easier To Navigate: People like those sites or blogs more where they can easily search and navigate the required topic. Making your site easier to search and navigate must be your target when going for Search Engine Optimization. That means your site must guide the reader how they can find the specific type of topic which he is searching for. You may divide your posts and webpages in different categories in your blog or website which user can easily find by navigation. This is the most important thing in making a website because people will leave your site by getting bored if they get failed in searching for the required item or post in your blog or website. Think about yourself, don't you get annoyed and leave the website if you find yourself unable to locate the topic which you are looking for? This must be in your mind before making your website.

7. Write In Easy Words: Your wording matters when writing a blog. People follow those articles which contains simple language and easy to understand words so they don't have difficulty in understanding what you are explaining through your blog. The difficult and complex language used in your blog is not gonna help you and any other which is a hurdle in optimizing your blog or website to a higher ranking.

8. SMO (Social Media Optimization): Social Media Optimization or SMO is another term which is used with SEO indeed it is the most important part of SEO and is itself most important factor in getting high index ranking along with SEO. This term refers to the use of Social Media to achieve higher SEO rankings in search engines. This is possible when you know how to correctly use social media to interact with people with the same interests as you hence getting more readers for your webpages. You can find groups on same topics and interests with your blog and share your material with them. You must give social media plugins in your website also which makes it easier for users to quickly share your webpages with their friends and followers. Correct use of social media can boost your rankings in search engines so don't forget to use this most important factor in spreading your words with others.

These 8 are the SEO tips which you have to use primarily in order to be appeared in search engines but don't think that SEO ends here, SEO is a lengthy topic and you have to go for more optimization in order to come at first page. Well these tips are basically for beginners which want to be shown on Search Engines. Following these tips will help you in acquiring a place in search engines so try to make your blog or website according to these instructions. Via: www.helpitx.com

Top 5 Affililate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable business to earn money online without investment from the comfort of home. Million of people are making money online by affiliate marketing with major affiliate networks worldwide. An affiliate marketer has to promote a third party product to his audience and when it is sold, he gets the commissions from the actual seller. These commissions vary from affiliate networks to different products. A marketer can promote third party products on his website or blog, through PTC or banner ads or can choose the option of Email Marketing which is used by most of affiliate marketers.

In this post, I am going to tell you about 5 major affiliate networks which pay their users a handsome amount in commissions.

Top 5 Affililate Marketing Networks
1. Linkshare:

Top 5 Affililate Marketing Networks
Linkshare is lead by a Japanese company Rakuten and it is one of the largest affiliate networks whose affiliates are selling products worldwide using different methods. Rakuten linkshare pays its affiliates a great sum in commissions. To join this network, you must have a running website on which LinkShare will show ads. The affiliates get commissions when someone purchase anything by clicking the ad. It is not only confined to sells but an affiliate may also receive commissions when a form is filled or something is downloaded through his website. This program has much flexibilities, you just need a website which receives enough traffic to be approved by Linkshare.

2. Ebay:

Ebay INC is among the largest E-commerce companies that runs an online E-commerce network. Ebay, Paypal, Ebay Enterprises and Half.com are the popular websites and programs run under their network. Ebay is also an online store where you meet sellers and buyers trading almost everything. Ebay also offers an affiliate program to those who want to earn money by promoting the products of Ebay partners. A person can easily become an Ebay affiliate if he owns a website. The affiliate's work is to send quality traffic to Ebay and the affiliate is rewarded with handsome commissions. As Ebay is affiliated with Paypal so you must have a Paypal account in order to receive monthly commissions from Ebay. They rewards great commissions so it is worth joining this program to earn money online.

3. Amazon:

Amazon is also a huge E-Commerce company which runs a great network of many E-commerce programs. Alexa, Amazon online store, IMDb, ACX etc are their popular programs. They offer an affiliate program to publishers. A publisher can run their ads on his website or promote their products in other ways. On each sale, the affiliate receives upto 10% commissions. The amount of commissions varies from product to product. It is worth joining their program if you have a website or you have a good audience to which you can promote the products.

4. Clickbank:

Clickbank has been running a quality affiliate marketing networking since 1998. It has gained an outstanding popularity in the last decade and serving as host affiliate network for hundred of thousands marketers. An affiliate receives upto 75% commission on each sell he makes.That's good enough if you are successfully selling products with higher prices. Working on click bank, it isn't necessary for you to have a website. You can promote your products by any mean either through PTC ads, Banner ads or Solo ads. It depends on you. You can also work on your website wiht Clickbank. As a Clickbank affiliate, choose wisely the products to promote because it matters what you promote. Usually affiliates promote digital items from clickbank because of quicker payments and high commission value.

5. SFI:

SFI is another entrepreneur marketing group which was launched in 1998 with a single product. Till the date, they are selling 90,000 products all over the world and providing employments to online earning opportunities seekers. It is 16 years old established program so no need to think it is a scam. Thousands of people daily join this program and get guidance on how to make money online with internet marketing. There is a huge income potential on this program. SFI provides step by step and detailed guidance to its affiliates on how to sell products and choose targeted customers. They also run a huge online store namely TripleClicks which products you can promote. The commissions are rewarded in the form Versapoints. SFI has not disclosed the value of versapoints yet but they say that their value vary with the number of contributions and sells in a pool and after dividing the commissions, the value of versapoints may vary every month. Payments are sure and after becoming an EA member by securing 1500 VersaPoints, one can also get rewarded by referring SFI to others.

Beside these affiliate networks a number of legit affiliate networks are giving opportunities to marketers. I have only mentioned here the most popular affiliate networks and classified them with my rankings.
Via: www.helpitx.com

How To Earn Automated Income By Embedding adf.ly Scripts In Your Blog.

Adf.ly is the most popular URL shortening service ever been on internet. It was launched in 2007 and now it is the world largest URL shortening service which pays its users to shrink URLs. Thousand of bloggers are using this URL shortening service and getting paid to share their shrunk URLs on blogs, forums, social media etc.

Detailed Explanation of Earning Money Online By Shortening URLs.

Their basic program allows users to shrink or shorten any URL around the web manually and then share it to anywhere. Well this is easy for only those users who have to deal with comparatively less URLs i.t they shrink low number of URLs and their only source to share URLs is social media or forums. If you own a blog or website, then adf.ly provides different website scripts by using them you can easily monetize your website by using automatic adf.ly services on your blog or website.

How To Earn Automated Income By Embedding adf.ly Scripts In Your Blog.
There are different types of scripts which you can select from which you can find from tools section of your adf.ly account. Full page scripts, website entry scripts and pop ads are example of these scripts which let you make automated money from your blog or website and you will not have to shrink any URL of your page manually to earn money online.

1. Full Page Script: Full page script is used to change all URLs of a blog to redirect towards adf.ly hence generating precious revenue. Full page script can be embedded in a blog by two ways.
First way is to redirect links starting with only selected domains towards adf.ly .
Here is the example of this kind of script which you can find in the Full Page Script option in Tools section of your adf.ly account.

In this type of script, you can can select the domains which URLs when clicked through your blog, redirect your readers to adf.ly. The domains mentioned in above post are by default and you can add or delete as many domains as you want. With this type of script, you are also paid for the first click on any URL of the blog by a unique visitor. Links are updated automatically.

Second way of using full page script is to use it in a fashion that all URLs of your website or blog are redirected to adf.ly no matter of which domain they are. The example of this script is given below which you can find from the same source as above script.

By embedding this script in your blog/website, all of clicks made to your blog will be redirected to adf.ly and this creates more chances of earnings than previous script.
Other customizations can be done according to need which are given in the same page.

2. Website Entry Script: Website entry script lets you make money when any person visits your blog. It shows pop-under ads and redirects users to adf.ly when they click some URLs but not every click goes to adf.ly . You can customize all settings with the help of their customization help found in Website Entry Script in Tools section of your adf.ly account. Here is the example of this script.

3. Pop-Under Script: Pop Under script can be used independently or in combination with any of above scripts. Here is the example of Pop-Under script.

Using pop-under script in your website shows pop-under ads on your website which are shown to every visitor and you make money from every visitor of your blog. If you want to use it independently then the whole code will be embedded to your website/blog.
If you want to use it in combination with website entry script or full page script, then you will have to enter following variable to the above scripts.

var popunder = true;

Now we proceed to the method how to embed these scripts in blogger to earn money with blog.

1. Login to your adf.ly account.
2. Cick on tools to go in tools section.

3. Now go to any type of option which script do you want to embed in your website, for example, in this example, I have chosen full page script so you will see this type of script in example.

4. Copy the script which you want to embed in your blog.
5. Now go to your blogger dashboard > Layout and choose Add A Gadget.

6. In the next window, choose HTML/Javascript.

7. Paste the copied script in the new box and customize it according to your needs and then save it.

8. Your website will be generating automatic money for your through adf.ly account :) Via: www.helpitx.com

Introduction To 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites

Social media have unavoidable importance for bloggers and internet business entrepreneurs. Social media activity has most important role in search engine optimization (not direct but indirect) and success of an internet business. Its very important to learn using social media in right way to gain more traffic for a blog. Social media worms use this platform to access content over world wide web. Search engines are used mostly when a person wants to search something specific.

For browsing random pages and articles, social media platforms are used which aren't totally random. They are also user specific for his interests and likes. In this way social media is another great way to get readers and customers. There are number of social media sites which offer different services and ways to share but the purpose of all social media platforms is same which is sharing your content with world. I am writing an introduction to some most popular social media sites which are best for spreading your content with world. These social media sites have solid presence on world wide web and ranked as top sites of a many countries.
Introduction To 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites
You may watch them in the list of Top Sites According To Alexa Rankings. Now come to introduction of most popular social media sites.

1. Facebook: Facebook rules the social media sharing sites as it is most popular among them. It has Alexa rank 2 which remains almost stable entire year so we don't have to doubt that it is king of social media sites. Facebook offers its users number of features including personal profiles, feature to create pages and groups which may be used for business purposes, sharing of links, photos, videos and so on. One can find people he knows on facebook if he gives his correct details at the time of registration so facebook searches people who are near you, studied with you, worked with you and recommend you their profiles so you can add them as friends. It also contains attraction and charm for business holders who are willing to promote their business to a great number of people. Facebook helps you in this. You can create a page or group for your business, website or blog so you get more readers by this.

2. Twitter: Twitter is second most popular social media network around world wide web but I consider it first. Its because I find twitter more useful than facebook. You may have your own views but I prefer twitter over facebook. It is a microblogging platform where users are free to post anything. Twitter users can share unlimited tweets daily with their followers with limit of 140 characters per post. You can follow anyone and your account is open for everyone to remain updated with your tweets unless you set privacy options in your account. You can share pics, videos and links to your followers and the most interesting thing is that you aren't restricted on twitter to do any social activity except for the limit of 140 charcters per tweet which is also applicable in direct messaging.

It has excellent features for both personal and business use and like facebook, twitter activity of a business is also helpful in gaining readers and followers to your content.

3. LinkedIn: It is ranked as third most popular social media site. LinkedIn is the place for professionals to find people of their interests. It has some features similar to facebook. Well, linkedIn is mostly used by professionals and entrepreneurs so it is also a good learning place rather than just a social media network. LinkedIn finds people from overall world which have interests similar to you and gives you suggestion based on your interests. It is an awesome place to learn more about your profession, interests and also to promote your business. Using LinkedIn smartly can boos your business and readers.

4. VK (VKontakte): Though majority of Asian and African wouldn't have listened the name of VK as a social network but it isn't a reason in reducing the popularity of this popular network. VKontakte is second most popular social network in Europe after facebook which shows how important is VK for online entrepreneurs. It is Europe's second most popular social networking site so you by using VK you may get from Europe which isn't possible for you to get using other social networks. It has most features similar to Facebook and at the first glance, I presumed this website as old version of Facebook. Well it is Russian based social media network good for both personal and business use. If you are a website or blog owner, then this will be surprising to know an interesting feature of VK. All links on VK are dofollow links which is biggest difference between VK and rest other social media sites. All social media sites use NoFollow attribute for the links posted but VK increases the visibility of your link in search engines with dofollow attribute. It is an awesome place to get free Dofollow backlink from Pagerank 9 domain so it is best for SEO.
Creating a community page for your website or blog on VK gives you a free dofollow backlink from Pagerank 9 and not confined to only this, all further links will also be dofollow. This is the most valuable thing in SEO which you cannot find in other social media networks.

5. Pinterest: Pinterest is 5th most popular social media network across the globe. It is a type of online social bookmarking site where users pin the pages which they like to online boards. When a new page is pinned to a specific board, it appears in that board and visible to public. You can create unlimited boards on Pinterest. One can follow any board of his interest to remain updated for the activity on that board. If you are a website owner and verify your website on pinterest with your profile, then you could also watch how much traffic comes on your website comes from Pinterest. I like this feature a lot because I want to see this feature in almost all social media sites where I share my posts.

6. Tumblr: It is another microblogging platform but it has not 140 Characters limit per tweet like twitter. Tumblr allows its users to share multimedia, links, and other content on their micro-blog. The profile of a user is called his Blog on tumblr and one can customize his blog as he wish. It is a good place to share your content and good for both personal and business use.

7. Reddit: Reddit is also a type of social sharing site where users post links, text and multimedia content. The content which gains more votes by other users appears in homepage. Its good to share content on Reddit but one has to remain positively active on reddit to gain most of it. Its idea is simple and unique but here positive activity is considered most important.

8.Stumbleupon: Stumbleupon is a social bookmarking platform where people watch random pages of their interest as soon they are added for stumbling. Stumbleupon is the huge collection of interesting and useful pages on internet which are displayed to its users after they are added in stumbleupon. Its idea is very simple, have to click on stumble button after logging in. Each time you click stumble button, a new page is displayed of your interests. You can like pages to save them in your profile so you may easily access those pages later. It is also good for bloggers to share their bog posts on stumbleupon because they may get some sure traffic from stumbleupon.

9. Quora: Quora is an online community where people interact and ask questions from other users. You may join a community to share your problems. You may also invite a specific person to give solution to your problem. Its better for those who want guidance in any field and want solution to any problem which they are unable to get from other sources. Quora community contains highly professional experts of market so you might find reliable solutions and answers. You can start your own community too just like Facebook and VKontakte.

10. GooglePlus: Though I am mentioning this Social Network in the last but don't assume that it is least popular than above mentioned social networks. GooglePlus is a popular social media platform by Google where users can share links, multimedia content and text content with other users. Using GooglePlus gives access to more features from google like hangouts, creating a business page and so on. You can add other people in your circles to share your posts with them. It gives you option to categorize the people you add in your circles so you may easily share your content with only those with whom you want to share.

How To Make Money With A Blog?

Making money with blog isn't a bad idea if you want to earn some extra dollars online without quitting your job. Internet is the place which gives you opportunity to work part time from the comfort of your home without disturbing your routine. There are hundreds of ways to make money online without investment but making money with a blog is the method which has potential to cover all other methods. That is why most people prefer making money with a blog.

A point to remember is that it isn't necessary that every blogger gets succeed in making money. There are thousands of blogs running on World Wide Web and daily hundreds of blog are created daily. Every blogger isn't earning from these blogs. Only those bloggers are making money with their blogs who have strategy to succeed in this opportunity. Who have set a target for themselves to achieve. Blogging isn't the way by which you just create a blog and money starts falling from sky without any hard work, target, achievements and a plan.

How To Make Money With A Blog?
Blogging works with many factors to succeed online. It isn't only about writing and designing your blog templates but it also needs dedication, hard work and patience. These factors play an important role in the success of a blog. You have to work with patience and wait for results. It may takes a long time to stable but the consequences will be helpful for you. Every work which you do online to make money requires patience. It takes time for you to stable and start earning some handsome income online. This also applies on blogging so set your goals and work hard to get them. This is the key point in doing anything to make money online. Well this is just an introduction to start with blogging and understanding the requirements for blogging. I will share you in this article how you can start making money with a blog.

1. Choose Wisely A Blogging Platform: To start with your blog, the first thing is to choose a blogging platform for your blog. Many companies are providing facility to create blogs or free websites. Its up to you which platform do you choose but choose wisely. You are intelligent enough to differentiate what is good and what is bad for you so check your skills, your targets and then choose which suites you better.
I am sharing some info with you which may help you in choosing the right path for you.

Types Of Blogging Services: Basically there are two types of blogging services from which you can make money.

Type 1: First type consist of those programs on which you can create a blog of your own and can modify it yourself. Like its template, content, domain, Ads, etc. You have full authority to use your blog as you wish. Blogger, wordpress and weebly are most popular blogging services of this type. Usually you will find blogs created by blogger and wordpress only on internet so its better to know something about both these platforms in order to make full of blogging experience.

Blogger is owned by Google and works on HTML. It has many flexibilities including 15GB free space and ease of access to all other Google services. It was started in 2003 and since then it is most popular blogging platform ever. Blogger is easier to use and customize.
Wordpress is second most popular blogging platform. It is just a little bit complex than blogger but it also fulfills the needs of those who have to work with PHP. If you have to work with PHP, then wordpress is the best option for you because unfortunately, you can use PHP in blogger. Wordpress gives 3GB space for free members. Additional space can be purchased as a premium member. I recommend choosing wordpress only if you have to work with PHP otherwise blogger is best choice to start blogging with its flexibilities.
Type 2: Second type consists of those platforms where you have to write articles only and do nothing else just to bring traffic on your articles which give you money. These blogging platforms are usually called User Content Generated Revenue Sharing Programs. In this class, you will be providing them unique content to be published on their website and in response, they will share the revenue with you which comes from your content. So those who don't want to twist their brain in setting templates, domains and niche for their blog can write on these websites.

Click Here To Get Info About Some Popular Revenue Sharing Websites

Don't forget that you will have to write under their instructions and terms if you want to get paid and get your articles published. Your compliance with their terms is necessary so stop here and go to first type if you think you cannot write for other programs and want to work alone.

2. Getting A Domain (Or Skip If You Are Satisfy With Free Sub-Domain Of Your Blogging Service): Your blog needs an address. Your blogging service is responsible for providing you with the web-hosting and a domain for your blog. You will see blogspot.com extension on your blogger's domain or wordpress.com on of wordpress' blog. If you are satisfy with these domains, no need to buy a paid domain but if you want to remove these extensions from your domain to facilitate your readers, then you can purchase domains from any popular domain hosting service like hostgator, godaddy or else you can purchase domain from your own blogging service provider. On world wide web, you can also get free domains like dot.tk and cu.cc. Choosing a paid domain option is good because some directories and websites doesn't allow free domains so you might not get backlinks from them.

3. Choosing Blog's Niche: Your blog niche most important factor after choosing a blogging platform. You are free to choose any niche for your blog. Niche refers to the content which you will provide to your blog readers. You can write whatever you want and there is no restriction to write on any topic. The niche is required to make your users know what type of content will they find on your blog. If you start posting every type of topic in your blog without any classification and categorizing them, your reader will be confused and he will find it better to leave your blog. Choose only the niche on which you can write well. For example, you are Medical student so you can write well on topics related to Medical field. In this scenario you can choose a medical related niche for your blog which help your readers understand blog's content. A wisely chosen niche is important for you and both your readers.

4. Choose A Template For Your Blog: Now its time to choose a template for your blog. The blogging services which you are using provides you with default templates for your blog and you can choose from them which you think will be suitable for your blog. If you aren't satisfied with the default templates from your blogging service, don't worry. We have an option for you. You may apply custom templates which are available on all over the web for blogs. Search over internet to select a custom template of your choice and apply it to your blog. Try to select the template which you can handle easily because the custom templates sometimes come with extra widgets and plugins which you don't need. If you are good enough in designing languages, you will face no difficulty in handling templates but if you are a newbie, then you must search and read for blogging tutorials available on internet to get information about applying a template to your blog correctly. SEO friendly templates must be installed because you are intending to make money with blogging, not making a blog just for fun and reading.

5. Creating Pages: Before posting something on your blog, I recommend you making Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service or Terms of Use, Contact Us and About Us pages for your blog. You can create them afterwards if you aren't willing to create them in beginning but remember not to avoid them. These are the pages which Google must check while reviewing your Adsense application. A blog's or website safety and reputation is measured on these pages too. If you don't have these pages in your blog, then most probably your site might be declared as Unsafe or Not-Recommended by Website safety checking programs so users will not take interest in your blog. Not sure how to create privacy policy or terms for your website.
Don't understand the complex language of these terms and privacy policies? Don't worry. Its not necessary that you write these pages yourself. You can hire some freelancer to do this for you on freelancing services like freelancer and fiverr. If you still don't want to hire someone and want to keep your budget almost free, then just search on Google for "Free Privacy Policy Generator" and "Free Website Terms Of Use Generators". These search terms will show the results having the free programs which will create Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use for your blog. They will ask your website URL and How will you use your website. After getting the answer of these simple questions, these programs will generate professionally written Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for your website.
What about contact us and about us pages? Don't get afraid of, Contact US page contains your contact details and if required, you can also insert a contact form in that page. About Us page contains few sentences about your blog and your services. Confidently create these pages and start blogging afterwards.

6. Start Posting Articles: Google prefer text rich website to approve for Adsense. Not only Google, but most of Ad Monetizing services ask their publishers to have rich text in their website. So start posting articles on your blog related to your niche. You can use videos and images to enhance your website looks but there is no need to depend solely on videos and images. Write text articles in order to get approved. You must take care of following factors while posting an article for blog.

Length Of Article: Length of article plays an important role in SEO of your site. Though 100+ words are article is acceptable but it couldn't considered as ideal length. An article up to 250 words is somewhat better but still you can write more to enhance your blog. A 1000+ words article is perfect for SEO. Well you can write as much words as you want to be more descriptive.
Avoid Plagiarism: Your articles must be unique, written by yourself and not published before on world wide web. Plagiarism means to steal content from internet and pasting on your blog. You must keep in mind that plagiarized articles can result in penalty for a blog and they also negatively effect blog's rankings. That is why you must write articles yourself and post them on your blog. If you are not willing to write yourself, hire someone to write for your blog but make sure the person you hire doesn't use those articles at other places.
Keywords Use: Remember to use keywords in your blog related to niche. These keywords will help you in appearing your site in search engines. Keywords are those phrases or words which a user writes in search engines for getting results on a specific topic. Your keywords are crawled by search engines and they decide on the basis of your keywords if your site can be appeared in search results. You may use Google Adwords keyword tool to get info about trending keywords and then use in your blog.
Use Of Headings: Headings get attention of search engines before the text of your article. So it is important to add descriptive headings in your article containing important keywords. If we see from HTML point of view, we have 6 types of heading tags from <h1> to <h6>. <h1> shows most important heading while <h6> shows least important heading. A heading must be made by heading tag if you are working in HTML or if you are working on advanced text editor like Post Composer in blogger, you have an option to make headings automatically by selecting the heading text and just clicking on Heading button. But remember, unlike other Word Editing Programs like MS Word, Wordpad etc, heading is not the bold and relatively larger font text.. While writing on a blog or a website, it is to remember that heading works only with tags, not just by increasing the size of text or making it bold. These options are just to make your text according to your choice. Headings have their own tags or option.
Write In Easy Words: Write your articles in easy to understand way. Most of your readers are coming from different parts of the world and all readers don't have equal calibers to understand something. Its your work to present your readers easy to understand articles so they might read you again. Its my personal experience that I like to read only those blogs which are written in an easy language unless I am reading something classical or related to literature. Keep your mind free and not bother yourself to get typical vocabulary and use difficult classical words in your articles. It will be just waste of time. You are writing blogs, not working with fiction or literature. So don't make your readers leaving your blog by the use of difficult to understand sentences.
Be As Descriptive As Possible: Try to be descriptive in writing the articles. No one is stopping you from writing and showing your knowledge to world. Write point to point but your article would be ideal if you cover all aspects of a point in your article with description. For example, you are writing about Tourist Places In Maldives, your reader is totally unaware of them so its your responsibility to give a brief introduction of special tourist places, informing your readers with pros and cons of those places with a general expression of hotel rates, special features etc. The description of most important places must be given but you can mention only the names of those places about which you think your reader is not gonna taking interest. This is the right way to write an article. Didn't understand this example, lets work on writing about an online program. You know about it so you are writing on it. Its your responsibility to guide a person for that program so you must write the introduction of the program, about the legitimacy of the program, pros and cons of the program and ways to use that program. That is the thing which you need to apply in your articles.
7. Bring Traffic To Your Blog: After completing the above work, the time comes to bring traffic on your blog. It is the most important factor because you are gonna make money only on the basis of your blog traffic. The traffic, in easy words is the number of visitors to your site. The more visitors to your site, the more chances of becoming your blog useful. But remember one thing, only organic traffic i.e genuine traffic which comes originally to your blog, not by paid means will be allowed. There are many methods to increase traffic of your blog. I am sharing them with you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): As it is cleared by the term, SEO is the method of optimizing your blog in a way that it gets higher rankings in search engines. I have already mentioned some factors which effect SEO of your blog in above lines. I am not gonna bother you any more on this topic because world wide web is loaded with tons of article on this topic so you can get help from them. It is a complete subject on which you have to work in order to get appearance in Search Engines. Get your blog registered with Google Analytics, Google and Bing webmaster tools, writing a brief meta description for your articles and blog are some key factors in SEO. Anyways, you will need to search Google in order to increase your SEO knowledge. Visit SEO Tips To Get Higher Index Rankings On Search Engines

SMO (Social Media Optimization): Like Search Engine Optimization, you have to make a prominent presence of your blog on Social Media. That will be gaining more visitors and views. It is recommended to make pages on social media sites for your blog and link them with your blog. Share your articles on social media with the groups having similar niche as your blog so you will get some strong readership. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, PinTrest, Instagram etc are best sources of gaining traffic from social media. There is an option available for creating channels on video sharing sites, making videos and run on these video sharing networks like youtube, metacafe, vimeo, videofy.me etc to promote your blog. A strong presence on Social media ensures the increase in traffic to a blog.
Getting Backlinks: Backlinks are the links found on different websites, blogs, forums, web directories which point towards a specific domain. In simple words, you can say that backlink is the presence of your domain on other website. Backlinks decide the Pagerank of your domain. Google has introduced a scale namely Pagerank from 0 to 10. 0 for least important domains and 10 for most important domains. The popularity of a domain is measured by its backlinks on different websites. A blog having many backlinks on the sites having greater pageranks is preferred by Google to show in search results and assigning it a higher pagerank. The pagerank also shows the worth of domain. In order to get a higher pagerank, you have to set a unique backlink strategy. It is a time taking effort to go on different forums, directories, websites, blogs and wikis to get backlinks from those sources but it is also necessary and unavoidable. You have to do it or if you cannot, then you can also hire some one who delivers you quality backlinks for your blog but remember not to confused with those programs which promise you to give thousands of backlinks in just minutes. These all are ponzi schemes and may result a penalty by Google for your blog so just acquire original backlinks by posting your links in other websites, blogs, forums and wikis. Its better to get backlinks from websites with higher pagerank. That ensures the quality of your domain and increase in traffic. Backlinks not only help in getting a position in search engines but they also help to get visitors. Suppose, you add a link to your website on a forum, daily at least 20 people click on that link and an average user visits at least three pages of your blog so it means you get 60 pageviews for your website in a day by a single link. That is the strategy which works with backlinks but again saying that keep your blog free from toxic backlinks which have a negative impact in your rankings and go for only unique and organic backlinks.
Add Social Media Share Buttons: Adding social media share button is another option to increase your blog's traffic. Your readers can quickly share your article using the Social Media Share buttons on your blog so their followers and friends can also reach your blog. You can get social media plugins directly from social media sites and install them on your blog or else embed the AddThis or ShareThis plugins on your blog. By using these plugins a person can share your article on more than 400 social media services quickly.

8. Update Your Blog Regularly:
Keep updating your blogg regularly so that it gets more visitors. Updating refers to add new content on your blog. A blog with more articles and text is more likely to appear in search engines so keep an eye on this factor. Google likes to accept the Adsense application of those blogs which are updated on regular basis. I have also an example from our life that stationary water gets polluted but the running water doesn't. That also applies to your blog. A stationary blog doesn't get popularity but an up-to date blog appears in search engines quickly.

9. Apply For Adsense:
Its the final step in making a blog functional to make money online. Well this is the last step but it doesn't mean that after its success, you will leave the above steps. I am calling it Final Step because you are doing all above to get approved for Adsense but you will need to continue working on above steps to keep your Adsense account functional. Well come to the point, when your blog starts getting good traffic which includes most from search engines and your blog page views average between 1000 daily, you may apply for Adsense. Google will review your Adsense application and it will decides whether to select your blog for Adsense ads or not. If you are approved for Adsense, say thanks to God and start earning money.
Google will give you some HTML codes which you will have to embed in your blog. If you are working with blogger, there is another option to activate Adsense widget in blogger which will show ads automatically between your posts.

Read Here What Is The Correct Time To Send Adsense Application
After getting approved for Adsense, take care of Google terms and services for Adsense. Disobeying these terms can result in the deletion of your Adsense account which is no less than a nightmare for a blogger so keep working with Adsense terms.

Find Here Adsense Terms And Help
No need to panic if you aren't approved for Adsense. There are also many Adsense alternatives on which your blog can get approved for Ad Monetizing for example, infolinks, chitika, adcash, etc. So if you aren't approved for Adsense, try to work harder in order to approve for Adsense or simply switch to Adsense Alternatives.

Well this article ends here. If you have any further query feel free to ask me for help.

You can do some amazing things with Blogger

Oudney's Studios specializes in creating gorgeous, engaging websites with custom content management systems (CMS, software that enables easy management of your website content without a web developer), and we’ve found that Blogger can be a great platform for web development when a custom CMS isn’t needed. Blogger provides a ton of functionality and design freedom for our clients, and not just for blogs!

Unexpected, right? Using blog software for a website?

(To be really amazed, check out some of the gorgeous sites we've built on Blogger. You can also learn lots of tips and tricks for Blogger by visiting our other blog, HelpBlogger 24.)

You can do some amazing things with Blogger
Most users do not realize the value and flexibility that Blogger offers, including free hosting, complete customization, personalized domain options, WYSIWYG editor and more. Because Blogger is a Google product, you can also easily integrate with other Google services such as: Google+, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Docs, AdSense, Picasa and more. All of this is available free of charge while providing a simple, easy authoring environment for the small business owner.

As a web development firm, Blogger provides us with a different value proposition.

When we discuss a Blogger-based solution to a client:

  • we can provide my company’s services to customers at a lower price point while maintaining full creative freedom and giving them a basic but user-friendly CMS
  • we don’t need to set up a paid hosting account for my client (avoiding the associated headaches)
  • we don’t need to worry, or have the client worry, about security patches or upgrades
  • we don’t have to be concerned about uptime and availability
  • we can show the client drafts while we develop by keeping the site invitation-only until it is ready to go public
  • we can easily transfer ownership and management of the site to my client or keep us both as co-administrators.
 It can be hard to envision a platform’s potential from a list of features and value propositions, so here are some examples of websites Oudney's Studios has done recently for a number of business.

Real Info Zone

Looking to have an amazing website designed and developed for your company?
Give us a call at +263774042042 or contact us right now!

Using Blogger and creating gorgeous websites

What do all of the websites below have in common? They're all gorgeous, functional, easy to maintain, and happen to use Google's Blogger (Blogspot) as their Content Management System (CMS). They were all developed by our firm.
Using Blogger and creating gorgeous websites
They all include free website hosting, and using Google Apps, free business email as well.

As a thrifty small business solution a website on Blogger can save time, money, and headaches. Please visit the sites below and let us know what you think!

Need more convincing? Read our featured articles "You can do some amazing things with Blogger" and "Using Blogger for your Organization's website", both featured on official Google blogs.

Looking to have an amazing website designed and developed for your company?
Give us a call at +263774042042 or contact us right now!

Why use time management skills?

It's important that you develop effective strategies for managing your time to balance the conflicting demands of time for study, leisure, earning money and jobhunting. Time management skills are valuable in jobhunting, but also in many other aspects of life: from revising for examinations to working in a vacation job.
Why use time management skills? 
Sometimes it may seem that there isn't enough time to do everything that you need to. This can lead to a build up of stress. When revising for examinations, or during your final year when you have to combine the pressures of intensive study with finding time to apply for jobs good management of your time can be particularly important. Once we have identified ways in which we can improve the management of our time, we can begin to adjust our routines and patterns of behaviour to reduce any time-related stress in our lives.
What skills are required for effective time management?

Some of these skills including setting clear goals, breaking your goals down into discreet steps, and reviewing your progress towards your goals are covered in Action Planning.

Other skills involved include prioritising - focusing on urgent and important tasks rather than those that are not important or don't move you towards your goals; organising your work schedule; list making to remind you of what you need to do when; persevering when things are not working out and avoiding procrastination.

Personal Time Management Guide

Have you been trying to improve your time management skills or overall personal effectiveness? Do you feel like you are still missing some key details? If so, we've got something for you.

This personal time management guide is dedicated to building a stronger foundation for your success. One skill at a time.
Personal Time Management Guide
Each article or section below is an important building block you can put into your foundation right now. Take one of the pages and read it: you will gain the key insights and practical tips for one of the core areas of higher personal effectiveness. Take another page and do the same. Each article will move you one step forward in something that could be undermining your performance today.

That something could be your skills and abilities to
or some of the many other aspects of personal time management, with their related problems and solutions. If you don't see directly what you are looking for, you can also search through all our pages. Below you can go through short summaries of the key sections of this site. Of course, you may want to start from the time management topic that feels most pressing to you today. Yet, do not narrow your vision too much: pay attention to other related subjects and resources here as well. Your main source of problems or your major breakthrough may still be hiding in your blind spot.

Thank you for stopping by.
Are you struggling to find time to learn time management?
Just using your driving or exercising time smarter may be enough to learn all the time management principles and techniques you ever need.
Personal goal setting and time management. What is your definition of success?
A solid personal goal setting system is the key to effective time management and life planning. Setting personal goals wisely, you get a sense of achievement, sustain motivation, and reduce stress.
Personal time management skills and techniques
Time management lessons with an in-depth discussion of the important time management skills, techniques, and activities.
Decision making skills and techniques guide
Good decision making skills is the foundation for life and time management skills. Information on decision making skills and techniques with links to related decision making tips and articles.
How to eliminate procrastination and laziness
Ability to eliminate procrastination and laziness is among the most important time management skills to learn. Identify your causes and reasons for procrastination and start overcoming it now.
Inspirational and motivational quotes on time management and goal setting
Famous inspirational and motivational quotes related to personal time management and goal setting.
A personal digital assistant ( PDA ) versus other time management tools
Advantages of a portable hand held personal digital assistant, or PDA, compared to paper notes or other personal time management tools.
Practical time management tips
Time management tips give bite size chunks of practical advice on how to make your personal time management system work. Tips on prioritizing, planning, scheduling, time logs, productivity, and so on.
Team work and team building essentials
Good understanding of team work and team building are critical for your business success or corporate office career. Tips and insights into team work and team building principles and activities.
Effective meeting basics
More effective meetings waste less time and bring better results for you and your organization. Here are the key aspects in improving your meetings.
Stress management essentials
Introduction to stress management. Critical connections between stress management and time management.
Are you at risk of burnout syndrome?
Recognize the risks and causes of burnout syndrome. You are much better off preventing burnout now than putting your life back together later.
Build coping skills for overcoming life's challenges
Well-developed coping skills help you maintain control and do the best that could be done when faced with outstanding challenges.
Student time management tips
Time management is the base of good study habits. Recommendations and reviews of articles on improving student time management.
Selected time management articles, time management courses, and seminars
A selection of online information on effective time management, with short reviews of good time management articles, time management courses, and seminars.

12 Most Effective Time Management Principles

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in or what position you have, there are only 24 hours in a day for each of us. Mastering time management and maximizing efficiency can help you to feel like you have more time since you’ll be able to get more accomplished.

Sounds good, right? Well, improving your time management is possible with the help of some solid principles that you can apply in your daily routines. If you’re looking to be more effective with your time, here are 12 of the most critical time management principles.

12 Most Effective Time Management Principles
1. Determine what is urgent and important
We’re all faced with a lot of different tasks that fight for our attention and time each day. How do you decide what is most worthy of your time? The best approach is to prioritize those tasks that are both urgent and important.

A task that is highly time sensitive is urgent. Important tasks may not be time sensitive, but they are valuable and influential in the long run.

Stephen Covey’s time management grid can be extremely helpful for seeing what tasks should be prioritized. A common mistake is to get bogged down with things that are urgent, but not necessarily important. By using the grid you can be sure that you’re focusing on things that will have a real impact.

2. Don’t over commit 
If you’re someone that tends to say “yes” to every request for your time, you may find that all of these commitments prevent you from making effective use of your time. Make an effort to only commit to things that you can realistically accomplish with the time that you have available. You’ll also want to be sure that committing to something won’t prevent you from being able to do other things that are important to you.

3. Have a plan for your time
Each of us is different and not everyone works in the same way. I prefer to have a detailed to-do list that keeps me on task for each day and each week. Someone else may feel overwhelmed by a list of things to check off each day. Regardless of your approach or preferences, you need to have some method of planning your time. Not having a plan leads to a less efficient use of your time as you’ll wind up getting off task or working on things that really aren’t important. Find a system of planning that works for you and use it in your daily routine.

4. Allow time for the unexpected
It never fails that something unexpected will come up and demand your time and attention. No matter how well you plan your time, things are bound to come up — so make sure that you leave some time in your daily schedule. When I’m creating my to-do list for any given day, I tend to assign myself tasks that I anticipate will take about 75% of my time for the day. That leaves another 25% for tasks that take longer than anticipated or for unexpected things or emergencies that need to be addressed. Avoid the temptation to plan your time so full that you won’t be able to deal with important issues that arise.

5. Handle things once
Rather than dealing with something several different times before completing a task, make an effort to handle it only once. Email is a great example here. If you read through an email, make an effort to respond and take care of the issue at one time. I’ve found myself at times reading through emails and then deciding I’ll get back to it later. When I do get back to it, I have to read the email again and it winds up taking more time. Multiply that by several times throughout the day and it adds up. Whenever possible, handle it once and be done.

6. Create realistic deadlines
You may have deadlines for your work that are set by a boss or a client, but it’s also important to set deadlines of your own. If you do have deadlines from bosses or clients, it can be helpful to break up the project into smaller chunks and set deadlines to keep yourself on track. If you don’t have anyone giving you deadlines for your work, try setting your own deadlines.

In addition to simply having deadlines, it’s also important that these deadlines are realistic and will give you enough time to do your best work. If your boss or client is pushing for a deadline that isn’t realistic, explain why you need more time and the possible consequences of the project being rushed, and suggest a more realistic deadline.

7. Set goals for yourself and your time
Setting goals is an important part of achieving maximum efficiency. Your goals can include things that you want to accomplish in a particular day, week, month, or year. Goals can be used with major accomplishments or smaller tasks that are important to you. Whenever you’re setting goals, it’s best to set a date or deadline for achieving the goal.

8. Develop routines
Habits and routines can be quite powerful. When used effectively, routines can help you to get more done and to make better use of your time.

I use routines to take care of several small tasks that I need to do each day. First thing in the morning, I go through a routine that includes checking email and responding to messages received overnight, a few minutes of networking via social media, moderating comments on my blogs, publishing new content that has already been written and prepped, and a few other small tasks. The result of my routine is that I can get a lot of small tasks off my daily to-do list in a small amount of time right at the beginning of the day. After that, I can have the most productive part of my day for essential tasks that require more of my time and concentration.

9. Focus on one thing at a time
Multitasking is overrated. Sure, in theory it would be awesome to be able to do several different things at once, but the problem is that you won’t be able to do your best work when multitasking. If you focus on one thing at a time you can move through tasks quicker and the quality of your work will be better. Multitasking can lead to a lot of mistakes that you have to go back and correct later, which is wasted time.

12 Most Effective Time Management Principles

10. Eliminate or minimize distractions
Distractions are all around us. If you’re working at home you may have distractions like kids, other family members, house guests, television, phone calls, and all kinds of personal responsibilities and tasks. If you work in an office you’ll probably have plenty of distractions from co-workers.

While it’s impossible to totally eliminate distractions, you can improve your situation by minimizing them or avoiding them whenever possible. For those who work at home, you can set up a dedicated office space with a door that you can close. In an office, you may want to go in to work early to get some distraction-free time before co-workers arrive, or maybe shift your lunch time so that you can get some peaceful time while most of your co-workers are away at lunch.

The key is to recognize the most significant distractions that are hurting your productivity, and then you can work towards solutions that will minimize their impact.

11. Outsource tasks or delegate when possible
Part of being efficient with your time involves deciding what tasks require your own attention. There may be things that could be done by someone else. Outsourcing work is a great option for freelancers and small business owners. Delegating responsibilities may be an option if you’re in management or if you’re part of a team.

Resources like Elance and oDesk are great for finding freelancers when you need to outsource some of your work. You can typically find qualified workers with very affordable rates, which allows you to dedicate your own time to tasks that may be more important to you.

12. Leave time for fun and play
While the purpose of time management is to use your time wisely and to improve efficiency, it’s also important that you don’t burn yourself out by working too much or too hard. Be sure to leave some time in your schedule to do things with friends and family, or even on your own. Getting time away from work is essential for dealing with stress, for refreshing your energy, and for living a balanced life.

Making efficient use of your time is important regardless of what type of job or career you have. If you can make even small improvements in your own time management, you’ll see noticeable results in terms of how much you can get done, the quality of your work, and your stress levels.

What approach do you take in your in time management? Are there things that work really well for you, or things that don’t work for you? Feel free to share from your experience in the comments.
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