• Payment Policy

    1. You will pay all fees due according to the prices and terms applicable to Your Services, including all optional or additional features that You select. All setup fees and non-recurring charges, along with the recurring charges for the Initial Term, are due and payable upon initiation of the Service. Thereafter, recurring fees will be charged in advance to Your selected payment method. If Your selected payment method is invalid or You are otherwise past due in Your payments for any reason, the Service and other Services in the same order may be terminated without notice. Reactivation of the Service, if possible, after termination or cancellation for any reason will require the payment of additional fees. If You fail to pay fees when due, the Company may assign unpaid late balances to a collection agency for appropriate action. If legal action is necessary to collect on fees due, You agree to reimburse the Company for all expenses to recover fees due, including attorneys' fees and other legal expenses and all current charges for the Services as well as taxes and fees assessed against You or the Company on the charges and all late payments, interest, or other fees stated on Your bill. The Company may modify its billing practices or late payment charges by providing You with prior written notice of the modification. The Company in its discretion, may offer discounts or special offers from time to time.

    2. The Company will calculate all fees. See the Company's website(s) to find current pricing for each Service. If You are an existing customer, log in to Your account to see Your fees and payment schedule. The Company may, upon notice required by applicable laws, at any time change the amount of, or basis for, determining any fee or charge or institute new fees or charges with respect to the Services. Upon renewal of the term of the Services, the prices charged may be changed without notice to the then prevailing price for the Services.

    3. You will be charged the applicable fees for the Service(s) You select. If You are a Merchant Solutions or Stores customer, You will be charged, as applicable, (a) a one-time setup fee, (b) a subscription fee, and (c) transaction fees equal to a percentage of the Total Revenue, with payments due the next month after the calendar month to which the transaction fee applies. “Total Revenue” means the total dollar amount, excluding shipping and handling charges and any applicable taxes, of all transactions conducted through Your Store. You may be entitled to exclude from Total Revenue those transactions conducted through Your Store that are canceled or for which no products are shipped to the purchaser ("Excluded Transactions"), except that You must identify a transaction as an Excluded Transaction within 90 days from the date on which the transaction was originally conducted. The Company is entitled to audit Your records relating to Total Revenue, including Excluded Transactions, including contacting the purchaser to confirm that a transaction is an Excluded Transaction.

    4. You can upgrade or downgrade between Services at any time. Upgrades and downgrades will take effect immediately. You will be automatically charged, via the payment method You provided, all fees based upon Your upgrade or downgrade. If You are due a refund, the amounts will be credited and refunded to You. If You change from one Service with a non-annual term to another with a non-annual term, Your payment method will be charged a pro-rata amount for the upgraded Service and credited a pro-rata amount for the unused previous Service. If You change from a Service with a non-annual term to a Service with an annual or multi-year term, Your payment method will be charged for the entire new term and credited a pro-rata amount for the unused non-annual Service. Both the refund and charge will both be based on the number of days remaining in Your term. The term and anniversary date may change if You change from a non-annual Service to an annual or multi-year Service, or from an annual or multi-year Service to a non-annual Service. You may also be charged, as applicable, an upgrade or downgrade fee. Fees may not be credited towards other Services. You can upgrade or downgrade between Domains and Custom Mailbox at any time, but there is no refund for any unused portion of the applicable Service.

    5. To modify the frequency for recurring payment for any Service (e.g., convert from annual to monthly recurring fee), sign in to Your account, go to the “My Services” tab, and click on "Change Plan."

    6. You shall pay or be responsible for all federal, state, or local sales, use, excise, gross receipts, municipal fees, transfer, transaction, property, or similar taxes, fees, or surcharges ("Tax") imposed on, or with respect to, the Services under this Agreement. In addition, You are responsible for charging and collecting from Your end-user customers all applicable taxes. You and not the Company are liable for any uncollected tax and any interest and penalty assessed thereon.


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